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The Mon Château sweater


These super-soft, luxurious sweaters are made of fine wools and stitched on very high-end knitting machines 

They are made for men and women and fit a variety of different body types and shapes and are meant to create a very flattering look.  


“Mon Château” (my castle) was inspired by French castles in the South of France. Entranced by all the beauty on a work trip to the French Sea Side our founder wanted to channel that inspiration into her clothing line


This light-weight sweater is so soft and comfortable you may never want to take it off. This fine wool sweater clocks in at a 15 gauge meaning it is solid enough for cooler climates, but breathable enough for warmer weather. 



  • Designed in France and the US
  • Embroidery designed in the UK
  • Extremely light-weight
  • Unisex 
  • Can be worn in warmer weather
  • Can be be layered for cooler climates
  • Dry Clean or Hand Wash Only
  • Made from Imported yarns


Why Wool?

Wool is 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable, wool is the natural solution to the global apparel.

Our designers took in-depth courses to help understand more about wool fibers from its production on farms and the inherent benefits of the fiber, right through to the manufacturing of wool and important innovations within the wool industry and protection to animals while ethically sourcing fibers. 

The MonChâteau (My Castle) Sweater


    Dry Clean or Hand Wash Only

    Imported materials

    50% wool 50% acrylic



    chest: 42cm 5mm

    Waist: 38